Exceptional cement veneer work in Douglasville

For over 15 years, JP Concrete Creations has been delivering exceptional and enduring concrete staining in Douglasville, thanks to the artistic vision of our owner and designer, James Peters. As a family-run business, we understand the importance of paying attention to every detail, and that's why we've chosen to stay small and keep everything within the family to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Our work

Our mission and vision

For those in Douglasville, our company is proud to offer top-notch concrete staining services that are second to none. With branch offices in multiple cities, we have the resources and expertise to manage our work in each location effectively. Unlike traditional concrete painting in Douglasville, our staining process is superior for both interior and exterior applications. Our stains allow for the free flow of moisture through concrete pores without causing any damage, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability. For the best results, we highly recommend acid staining, which not only adds colour but also enhances the texture and natural beauty of concrete surfaces. Trust us to bring your concrete to life with our expert staining services.

Our Technology

Some other companies prefer acid stain in Douglasville for horizontal surfaces such as floors, patio concrete staining in Douglasville, walkways etc. This is because Acid stains start percolating across the walls after its application. We use certain advanced technologies and techniques to stain vertical surfaces with acid stain. We assure you that we provide perfect finishing as per your expectations. Acid stains give beautiful finishing and also hold wear and tear by foot and vehicle traffic. Thus it is best for driveway and walkway concrete staining also.

Concrete stains

Stains use high-quality stains which will ensure long durability and perfect finishing. Acid stains and mineral stains are the two main types of stains. Both acid stains and mineral stains are durable. We use either of these two, whichever is suitable for the particular application. Mineral stains are often used for precast or textured concrete to create a transformative structure. With masonry finishing, it looks exactly like brick or mortar.

Concrete resurfacing in Douglasville

Resurfacing concrete is the better method to restore the durability of old concrete and give them a new look. Also, it’s better for smoothing the surfaces and levelling them. Cracks on the surfaces can be covered by resurfacing them. Generally, the life expectancy of the resurfaced concrete is 10-15 years. The resurfaced concrete can be textured and coloured to embellish it. It is a better way to give a new look to the old driveway and walkways.

Our other services

Power washing

We provide power washing services for driveways, walkways and patios. Also, we use power washing to clean concrete surfaces while preparing for staining. Power washing is a method to clean outdoor surfaces. A high-pressure stream of hot water is used to remove dirt which is stuck on the surfaces. Power washing also removes residues like salt mildew and moulds from outdoor surfaces. Pressure washing is the same, but the water used is at room temperature. Pressure washing won’t remove tough stains on concrete. Pressure washing is ideal for masonry work.

Concrete resurfacing of the pool deck in Douglasville

We provide facilities for the installation of pool decks, resurfacing, repair, deck coating and deck waterproofing services for pool decks. Concrete pool decks in Douglasville are a better choice as it’s durable and needs low maintenance. It is easy to give an embellished look to concrete pool decks. textured concrete gives natural grip properties. We provide a range of decorative textured concrete that will make the pool deck concrete staining in Douglasville beautiful and safe. The stamped concrete pool deck is the best option. Stamped concrete in Douglasville decks provides grip and texture.

Materials we use for pool deck concrete staining in Douglasville and resurfacing in Douglasville

One of the best materials for resurfacing pool decks is epoxy. It is a solvent-based pool paint which provides a perfect finish to the surface. It is applicable on pool surfaces like concrete and fibreglass. Pool deck repairing options are available in the range from colouring to total resurfacing. After repairing, we apply Deck coating and Deck waterproofing as well as seal them. Deck coatings protect the surface from water penetration at open pores and cracks. Whereas deck waterproofing prevents deck materials from cracking and breaking. Seal coating is applied to waterproof decks. This also prevents weathering of deck boards.

Quality sealing facilities

We provide quality sealing facilities for good stability of the house or mansion. We provide sealing facilities, including sealing of roofs, basements, ceilings, doors and windows. Many times, sealing windows and doors remains left out. We advise our customers to seal doors and windows also. Waterproofing the ceiling is important because the ceiling leaks impact the inside of the house. There is little difference between waterproofers and sealants. Waterproofers penetrate the surface, which fills the gaps.

The Durability of roof sealants is 10-20 years. Acrylic sealants are used for sealing a roof to protect it from UV rays. Caulks are best to seal ceilings. We provide waterproofing services also. The company makes sure during natural calamities, none of the ceilings breaks.

Decorative walls

Architecturally designed walls that may be precast, integrally coloured or textured are called decorative walls. They are Naturalistic design, conventional design /stylized design, abstract design and geometric design. Wall panelling is the common way to decorate walls because its materials are highly durable, easy to maintain and available in various styles and sizes. Materials such as PVC, MDF, veneer or laminate finish on plywood, fabric etc, are used for wall panelling.

Basement concrete staining in Douglasville/ resurfacing in the basement

If you have a basement, we will help you to choose a satisfactory design for it. We suggest suitable designs for basement concrete staining in Douglasville that range from simple to artistic designs. Most of our customers choose either Abstract or Antique type of designs, which you should also check out.

Our exceptional methods to give you awe-inspiring designs

Overlay analysis is one of the most common GIS techniques. In overlay analysis, a new pattern is created by mixing two or more data layers. It is the best way to get suitable textured patterns for walls and floors. This method of creating a design helps us to provide an unlimited range of designs. The Unique Textured Overlayment is given as per our customer preference. So that our customers would get a satisfactory texture.

We provide the best quality carved concrete for the mansions

We use the best quality concrete to give beautiful looks of stones, trees, sculptures etc. Good quality concrete increases its durability. High-quality concrete has a higher percentage of aggregation. This is an indication that it has good strength and it will need more water. There are certain grades of concrete which include normal, standard and high strength. Grades Indicate the capability of concrete to withstand pressure and construction application.

Plastering is done to decorate a new building, whereas skim coating is to upgrade older buildings. Skim coats last for years. Skimmed surfaces are smoother than plastered surfaces. Hairline cracks form on the coated surface if there are some changes in temperature and surface. Hairline cracks are fine cracks. This also happens when the coat dries too quickly, which is an indication that the coat layer is thinner than the required thickness.

How the best-carved concrete is brought into reality

Ready mix skim is manufactured according to the specification given by customers, and then it is delivered to the worksite. Site mix is prepared at the site by mixing ingredients in specific quantities. Site managers use different formulas for their preparation. Ready-to-use skim is a good quality skim as it contains exactly measured content. The use of a ready-to-use skim coat saves time and gives good results in less time. Skim coating is a texturing technique for repairing and smoothing ceilings and walls. Skim coating is a long-term solution for minor cracks, filling joints and levelling the existing surface.

Our Decorative Scoring is very specific as per the housing requirement of our customers. Textured concrete staining, carved concrete, and stamped concrete staining has turned out to be elegant. Our advanced technologies have given perfect finishing which has impressed our customers. Carved concrete structures are impressive and have long durability. Texture overlay analysis has helped our customers to get a satisfactory structure. And it also provided a variety of patterns to our customers. ancient look, modern look, natural look and artistic look for the rooms walls

Floor demolition by best JP concrete contractors

Floor demolition is done to remove mortars under the floor. The purpose of this process is to demolish the old floors to construct new floors with different structures. Floor demolition is not necessary. Resurfacing by applying a new thin layer of concrete is a better alternative for floor demolishing. We have facilities for resurfacing as well as floor demolishing. Cleaning of waste and dust will be done by our staff. Floor demolishing could be done to remove old pool decks and install new pool decks. And floor demolition can also be done for damaged or broken interior and exterior concrete horizontal surfaces. We make sure that we take permission from our clients before demolishing the floors as per our company policy.

Benefits to our customers:


  • Good quality materials will be used
  • Long durability of the structures
  • Computerised overlay analysis to get unlimited choices
  • Better quality skim coat to fit your requirement
  • Ready to use Skim coating will be done in less time
  • Advanced concrete staining in Douglasville and sealing technologies will provide a perfect finishing
  • Perfectly finished acid staining for vertical surfaces with the help of advanced technology
  • Our company has 15 years of experience which is assuring you to provide excellent services
  • There will be a person at the worksite to help our customers in selecting designs and discuss regarding designs, materials and procedures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is staining concrete a good idea?

Yes, staining concrete is a great idea as it adds a unique and stylish look to your floors, patios, pool decks, and other concrete surfaces. It’s also a durable and long-lasting option compared to traditional concrete painting in Douglasville.

How hard is it to stain concrete?

Staining concrete is not necessarily hard, but it does require some preparation and patience. It’s important to properly clean and prep the surface before staining, and to apply the stain evenly. Hiring a professional can ensure a smooth and successful concrete staining in Douglasville.

Can old concrete be stained?

Yes, old concrete can be stained. In fact, staining can be a great way to revive and improve the look of old, worn-out concrete surfaces.

Is it expensive to stain concrete?

The cost of staining concrete can vary depending on the size of the project and the type of stain used. However, it is generally more affordable compared to other flooring options, such as hardwood or tile.

Is resurfacing concrete worth it?

Yes, resurfacing concrete can be a worthwhile investment as it can improve the look and durability of your concrete surfaces. It’s also a more cost-effective option compared to completely replacing concrete.

What is the best product to resurface concrete?

There are several great products available for concrete resurfacing in Douglasville, including polymer-modified overlays and micro-toppings. It’s best to consult with a professional to determine the best product for your specific needs.

What are the cons of concrete resurfacing?

One potential downside of concrete resurfacing is that it may not be able to fix underlying issues with the concrete, such as cracks or structural damage. It’s important to have the concrete properly evaluated before deciding on resurfacing.

Is it better to resurface or replace the concrete driveway?

In most cases, resurfacing a concrete driveway is a more cost-effective and practical option compared to completely replacing it. However, if the concrete is severely damaged or has underlying issues, replacement may be necessary.

How does acid stain in Douglasville work?

Acid staining is a process where a solution of water, acid, and metallic salts is applied to a concrete surface to create a unique and natural-looking colour variation. The acid etches the surface of the concrete, allowing the metallic salts to penetrate and react with the concrete to create the desired color.

What is the difference between acid stain and concrete stain?

The main difference between acid stain and concrete stain is the way they interact with the concrete surface. Acid stain chemically reacts with the concrete to create a unique color variation, while concrete stain adds color to the surface through pigments.

Is acid stain permanent?

Yes, acid stain is permanent and can last for many years with proper maintenance and care.